Charlotte Social Security Disability Advocate Specializing in Adult and Child Social Security Disability and SSI

Applying for SSI and or disability can be a long and difficult process, and understanding the application and taking to time to fill in all of the required information can be tedious for many. Once you apply, it can take months to receive a decision on your application and if your initial application is denied, you can find yourself in the middle of an even longer appeals process. Many people who are qualified to receive benefits fail to receive the benefits that they deserve because they simply do not know how to properly complete the application and do not include information that is necessary to provide in order to ensure that your case is properly considered. Don’t allow your lack of knowledge concerning the SSI application process to stop you from getting the benefits that you deserve. Allow us to use our experience to help you win your case.

Our office specializes in helping adults and children who are apply who are applying for SSI benefits. If you have a child applying for SSI benefits, allow our office to help you. Our Social Security disability firm has successfully helped clients all across the United States apply for disability benefits. It does not matter where you are in the application process. Whether you are contemplating filing an application, have just filed for benefits, or if you have already filed and are now considering filing an appeal from a previous decision, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you. Our office has years of experience helping clients in every stage of the application process. Our years of experience and knowledge of the application process for adults and child SSI benefits gives us a true understanding of how the process works. We recognize that although the application is the same for all cases, each person and each situation is unique. We will make an effort to truly understand our clients so that we can figure out the way to best serve them. If you use our law office, your individual concerns will not be ignored.

If you are considering filing for disability benefits for you or child or have already applied and would like us to assist you with your application or subsequent appeal, please contact us for a free consultation. We never charge a fee unless you win your case. Contact us today to receive a free consultation at our toll free number below.

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